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A qualified swap of business or investment properties may qualify for a tax break

Section 1031 Exchange: Do you qualify for this tax break on real estate sales?

A Section 1031 exchange (also known as a like-kind exchange) allows commercial or investment real estate owners to avoid capital gains tax when selling the property by swapping qualifying properties. This article notes that recent legislation has cracked down on Sec. 1031 exchanges, but currently it’s still possible to use this technique for qualified real estate transactions. A sidebar explains multiple-party transactions.
Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Hiring? You may be eligible for a valuable tax credit, the WOTC

If you need to hire, be aware of a valuable tax credit for employers hiring individuals from one or more targeted groups. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is generally worth $2,400 for each eligible employee but can be worth more — in some cases much more.
Piggy bank

Selling Your Home?

High demand for homes has created a seller’s market. Those thinking about selling their homes will want to determine whether they qualify for the home sale gain exclusion. This article details the exclusion’s requirements.

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